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56-years old player cum manager Julio Franco is enjoying his job

Photo by BaseballBacksJulio Franco, most probably one of the most efficient athletes in modern baseball, is enjoying his job as both 56-year old player and manager for shikawa Million Stars, which is a well known team in Japan’s semi-professional Baseball Challenge League.

Even at this old age, Julio Franco is fit and serious with his role as a player cum manager of the team. This Dominican Republic native sportsperson was a participant of major league All-Star. Bagging exceptional experience and knowledge in baseball, he is poised to share his knowledge and passion for the game with new generation players.

In a recent press interview, he reportedly said that it is hard for him to stay out of baseball. He also added that he has passion for fishing, golfing and many other sports, but at the end of the day, he cannot imagine himself without baseball.

He is well aware of the fact that he has turned old enough. Thus, when he signed with the Million Stars, he considered that his role is more as a manager than a player for his team. In case of injuries to the key players of the team, Franco finds himself to be a viable option or substitute. If you do play games on your smart phone, make sure to use the best bonus code for bet365. The extra cash that you’ll win with this code will definitely help you

He started his professional career back in 1982, and even after almost 3.5 decades, he is fit enough to hit the ground.
In this season, he has played for 10 games out of 14 for his team, bagging an impressive batting average of .333, with six runs and four RBIs.

Franco did mention that he was not planning to play 10 matches. As one of the key players of the team was injured, he was compelled to play for his team. He wants to stay more realistic with his approach. At this age, he cannot become the superstar. Thus, he is playing a role of pinch-hitter for the team.

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Make Quick Money with Betting on Sports

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Sports’ betting was once seen as something that was only for the people who wanted to waist all their money, well the time has changed. Sports betting could now be a really great method to earn some cash fast. Anyone could learn about sports betting in no time. If one knows a sport like football, cricket and snooker well then their path is really easy. All they need to do is search for some betting odds online on some website and place bets and they could also get free bets at many different websites.

Betting is all about analysing the facts and figures. This could be done quite easily as all sorts of figures related to a game could be found online. Once these facts have been analysed then you need to look for a betting website which is offering good betting odds along free bets. Look for odds that seem to be most unlikely, betting on these odds will allow you to win big not always but sometimes when you are luck. People have been seen winning thousands from such free bets.

World Series Baseball Betting: The Giants Versus The Royals

As the World Series gets closer and closer, world series baseball betting is becoming a popular topic among sports fans. Legal Baseball Betting has been a common pastime for some time, and the competition is especially gripping this season. The MLB will be holding its 110th World Series in 2014, and it should be one of the most exciting matches in recent memory.

Both teams involved in this World Series match are wild card teams. Baseball history is full of teams and players setting unusual precedents, but matches between wild card teams are always intrinsically exciting. Many people have been loyal fans of the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals for years, especially people that are from Kansas City or San Francisco. In this World Series, both wild card teams will have the opportunity to shine in a particularly tense competition.

World Series Baseball Betting is even more exciting when the World Series match in question involves wild card teams. For one thing, since both teams are wild cards, they are essentially on equal footing. In situations where one team is a wild card and one team has a more consistent history of winning, few people are even going to bet on the wild card in the first place. Choosing to bet on the wild card in that situation may involve slightly too much risk for even a dedicated fan. Betting needs to involve the right level of risk in order to be truly satisfying. A bet about whether or not the Kansas City Royals will beat the San Francisco Giants is truly suspenseful, since it is generally difficult to say who is going to win.

The San Francisco Giants have been involved in a World Series match between two wild cards before this point. Dedicated baseball fans, particularly fans of the San Francisco Giants, will remember that they played against the Anaheim Angels during the 2002 World Series. It was the first time that the Anaheim Angels had ever made it to the World Series, and their fans couldn’t have been more excited. The Anaheim Angels surprised sports fans everywhere by actually winning the World Series of 2002. It is possible that the 2014 World Series will be just as exciting, and it is also possible that the San Francisco Giants will be victorious on this occasion.

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 1954. They lost the 1962 World Series to the New York Yankees. In the 1989 World Series, the Oakland Athletics not only beat the San Francisco Giants, but they actually won all four games in a clean World Series sweep. The San Francisco Giants have made it to the World Series before, but it has not worked out in their favor. It will be something of a historic moment if they do win. However, if the Kansas City Royals win, the 2014 World Series will be even more similar to the 2002 World Series. One way or another, sports fans that enjoy World Series baseball betting will remember this game for years to come.


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